Oud Wood Scented X SWY Gift Bag Candles Set
Mineheart Oud Wood Scented Candle:
86mm x 86mm x 94mm
30cl glass

SWY Gift Bag Candles:
Top: 60g/2.1oz
Middle: 75g/2.6oz
Bottom: 95g/3.4oz
Purest soy wax and natural essential oils and fragrances.
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A.STYLE collaboration with Scent With You (SWY)

This gift box includes a Mineheart Oud Wood Scented Candle and option of SWY Foam, Vanilla, Rose and Raspberry Gift Bag Candles Set.
The packaging features a beautifully surreal drawing of a deer with branched antlers by illustrator Courtney Brims. The scent is a majestic blend of rich Ambers, Patchouli, Jasmine and Oud mellowed in a subtle Cedarwood which is ignited with flecks of pure Vanilla.